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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


    Magnetic lines of force and electrical fields

In 1921 - 1925 years of Miller , suggesting that the ether , trapped by Earth's gravity at the surface of the Earth is stationary relative to the surface , conducted experiments on Michelson scheme at an altitude of 6,000 feet. Measuring the velocity of the ether at Mount Wilson have yielded positive results.
But these deliberate speed dissatisfied popular belief that the Earth is moving at a speed relative to the ether 30km/cek.Moment rotation of the Sun is not the sum of the orbital angular momenta of the planets. That is something still spinning ! If the Sun rotates the ether, and the ether of the planet rotates , the ether drift velocity relative to the planet should be approximately close to the speed of rotation of the planet's surface . What's on Mount Wilson was fixed !
If the ether of the planet rotates , the angular orbital velocity of the planets have to obey certain laws . If a particle of ether is the formation of a certain matter that remains after the annihilation of an electron and a positron , you can expect to receive a response from the air on the electrical and magnetic fields . Electromagnetic wave can be interpreted as the polarization of the ether. The speed of light in the medium would be constant . And the electric field can be interpreted as ? Let us be on the air test electron and if the particle is composed of ether -related electron and a positron , all the particles of the ether turn to their test electron positron . The rest will react well and we get - the electric field lines . A wave of de Broglie - so in such an environment for electrons and can only wave motion ! Planets move in the direction of rotation of the Sun , or vice versa? The law of gravity on the rotation of the planet around the lights clockwise or counterclockwise does not say anything ! If the Sun rotates the ether , the ether must rotate the planet in the same direction. Layers of ether must report daily rotation of the planet . Phobos and Deimos are irregular in shape and in its orbital motion are rotated to the planet is always one and the same - the same party. Dimensions of Phobos about 27 km, and Deimos is about 15 km . I presented this idea in the journal Science and Technology in 1989 . , For this to the editor had to list the 50 Soviet rubles.
The significance of the ether in science, technology and life.
The existence of the ether , the definition of its properties is of great importance in our lives. Criticism or support SRT little help in understanding the nature of the ether. Now when it's needed energy-hungry electrical materials with special properties. To obtain the material necessary to know the properties of elements , causes the crystallization of a grating with a particular type. So we were taught that an electron with great speed in its orbit will never fall into the nucleus. Is this true , if there is an ether ? No, of course , and without great speed , he will not fall into the nucleus . Hence the possible revision of quantum mechanics. And in the propagation of electromagnetic waves broadcast has not had his say . They say there is such a matter as the electromagnetic field . So what. And that something is the matter of . Not of the same vectors H and E !
Ether me to consist of particles - efironov who have annihilate an electron and a positron . Otherwise, how can they be born ? An electromagnetic wave is a polarization of these particles . Turns these dipoles have a magnetic field. The sun rotates the ether, and the ether of the planet rotates . So Michelson got 30km per second . In Miller's ether drift velocity was on the surface of the Earth is about 1 km per second . and was probably correct, but somewhere weird for conservative and right experiments Miller were rejected. See Journal of Technology and Science for the N6 1989
Here's what I wrote V.A.Atsyukovsky 12.02.84g.1 . The idea of the rotation of the planets ethereal wind that comes from the sun is not new. We have it attributed to Descartes, but in fact it is probably much older. This raises two problems : - it is not clear how the Sun can turn the air with such a rate that aired during the spreading of a rotating planet as they orbit . Proper rotation of the sun is not enough for at least two orders of magnitude . The speed of rotation of the Sun's surface is 2km.v sec . , And you need about 200km.v sec . , Then we would all converge . The circulation of planetary motion decreases , but not as much as expected in hydraulic engineering . It 's true there are facilitating factors: considering the compressibility of the ether, it's all right , everything will be exactly as is . But the problem is not solved previous . As it can not know. Sincerely , VA Atsyukovsky . Of course, if the Sun and the planets rotate at the same angular velocity can be worked and the laws of hydrodynamics. It is easy to calculate that as the Earth will rotate on an annual orbit the sun during this time will turn 14 times . To accurately describe these relations need to know the properties of ether . G.Filipenko .
How to search ether .
Ether carries the planet, and not vice versa. The sun rotates the air. From the angular velocity of the planets seen that the further planet from the sun. the less the angular velocity , i.e. as if the planets rotate in a certain liquid . In this case the world should be almost air or wind should not be. It seems to me that the ether wind to look in the direction of the East-West and its magnitude on the Earth's surface shall not exceed 1 km per second .

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